Future of Inventory Manager

Hello everyone!

I wanted to fill everyone in that Inventory Manager 1.0 is well underway now 😃

After receiving feedback from the community 1.0 aims to address some of the short comings noticed in the initial release. We’ve learned a few things:

  • 1x1 tiles get old quick and don’t have a ton of interesting choice in terms of how to organize an inventory.
  • Organizing through multiple bags is a bit cumbersome (we’ll be experiementing with how the inventory is set up.
  • It can be hard to understand how important / valuable some items are compared to others (resources specifically).

I’ve attached a SUPER early image to give people an idea of what the inventory (and items) may look like come the release of 1.0 – important to remember all the assets and colors are still up to change but if you have any feedback on whatever you’re seeing I’m still open to hearing it!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to sending this out to the world.

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